I have known Sarab forover 7 years now and with each conversation, I have been able to sense herability to connect with people instantly on various topics. She has come acrossas a very positive person who not only happens to spread cheer to people aroundher but has also helped people to cope with personal struggles. I happened toinvite her to conduct Mindful communication workshops for my students andfaculty. The feedback from my students and faculty were very positive and itgave me a sense of happiness that she was able to connect with each one of themand help them cope with their personal and professional challenges. I wouldhighly recommend Sarab for her engaging training programs as she brings to thetable her professional expertise as a trainer, counselor, and coach. I wish herthe very best and look forward working with her again.

Dinesh Damodaran, Centre Director, Jain Animation School, Bangalore

On behalf of The Nila Home Trust, I am happy to write a reference letter for Mrs. Sarabsri Kaur. Srihas held many training sessions for underprivileged rural children at the Genjapuram village. The sessions included training on improving mind skills, communication, compassion, and motivation in the village children. The children highly benefited from her classes. They experienced more calmness, ease and confidence in their language and social skills. She used meditation, storytelling, poetry reading and other visual aids to conduct the sessions.We have also organised her sessions for our teachers. The teachers have received help in delivering lectures, communicating empathetically to students and keeping themselves compassionate and positive. We appreciate Mrs.Kaur's selfless interest in supporting rural education for underprivileged children and wish her luck in continuing her efforts.

Armstrong Algasen, Founder, Nila Home Trust, TamilNadu

 I find Sarabsri a fabulous teacher. I incorporated Mindfulness to my daily Yoga practice.This can be so beneficial in destressing and can really make us balanced and happy!

Chitra, MP Yoga Teacher

Mindful training with Sarabsri helped me exercise more self-compassion and awareness in my relationships.I have a chronic pain issue and the online sessions were perfect for me to practice.I relate to my situation with compassion and respond wisely.

Emily, Architect, Paris

Mindfulness sessions conducted by Sarabsri made me to be in the state of present moment( awareness). In the session my favourite meditation is STOP-stop, take a deep breath, observe, proceed which helped me to confidently face many different life challenges.Thank You Sarabsri for involving me in the wonderful session.

Mrs. S. Rajeswari, Lecturer, Bangalore

Sarab is a conscientious and professional executive who provides Insight full and pragmatic services. She is able to apply theory to practical application to all clients and certainly displayed compassion along with goal orientated direction during training and will do the same with clients.

Emma James NLP

Sarabsri has a very calming presence. She reallyteaches what she practises.The communication sessions are transformative andwonderfully designed to benefit at every level- emotional, personal, mental,social. I am thankful to the teacher for her wisdom, guidance and training.

Senior Software Engineer -B.Tech (IIT), Kharagpur

I learnt valuable skills from Sarabsri’sMindfulness session that helped me to focus. Now,I deal with projects moreeffectively and feel refresh throughout the day.The Mindfulness training withher is enlightening and excellent.

Arun Kumar, Co-Founder, CAKART

I was very calm when I was in mindful body.I felt amazing that I felt so good.One day I had headache and I felt relaxed with mindful breathing.

Mindful Kids Workshops

I practiced Mindfulness in the examination hall.I felt someone was really holding me and it was only myself.In a mindful body,our destructive thoughts go away.

Namratha, Class VI, Age 12 years, Bangalore

I learnt how to be happy in body and be calmed.I used it during the time of menstruation and I felt good in my body.All negative thoughts related to my body disappeared.

Poojitha, Class VI, 12 YEARS

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