Mindfulness for Professionals

In the midst of busyness of life, Mindfulness invites us to attend to the human behind the computer, phones and gadgets.It is a gentle reminder to be present for yourself. Sarabsri

The world today is changing. As adults we are constantly trying to keep up with it. Our professional and personal lives are intermingled, undefined by boundaries. With the rapid professional shifts, fluidity of roles, unhindered boundaries and onslaught of external media, our bodies are constantly in a state of heightened alert. Stress, psychosomatic ailments, lack of concentration, tiredness, disturbed state of mind are directly affecting workplace productivity, lowered concentration, hypertension and lifestyle diseases.In the one-on-one and group mindfulness sessions, Sarabsri takes professionals through neuroscience and guided meditation techniques to help them cope with the stress of daily living and continuous external stimuli. By meditating, they will be able to:

  • Better focus their skills and expertise
  • Increase concentration on tasks
  • Multi-task and manage roles
  • Cope with life changes
  • Develop communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Work as a team and contribute to it

Who Can Apply

  • Anyone willing to mindfully improvise their verbal, non-verbal communication skills

  • Open to professionals and non-professionals
  • Any background or career
  • Anyone above age of 16 years
  • Proven benefits for corporate employees, teachers and students

Course Particulars

  • Sessions tailored based on need
  • Customised group and individual sessions
  • Offline (On-site) & Online (Webinar) Training
  • Offline training via lectures, demonstrations, practice sessions
  • Audio-visual tools, case studies, role-plays, mindful awareness techniques, presentations, journal writing exercises, communication games, exploration of life stories, diversity and inclusion
For fees & other details, reach me at sarabsri@gmail.com

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